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06 May 2007 @ 07:01 am
a good week  

I walk with a friend three or four times a week; we walk about half a mile on pavement and the rest on dirt roads.  This has been a reptile week!  On Monday, we saw a ringneck snake that was dead on road, but then saw a black rat snake.  On Wednesday, a ringneck snake and a yellow-bellied water snake.  On Friday another ringneck and 3 box turtles (that day we also saw two deer, a groundhog and a couple of muskrats). Then yesterday we saw a dead on road rough green snake and a copperhead.  My friend is not a snake person at all and in this area a venomous snake on a road is often a target.  I got her to move away and I got a stick and moved him off the road.

I've got to start taking my camera with me on these walks!